11-15 July

The closing event of the Postkamer art space is a presentation of two works, ‘10 bcr78/ff’. The presentation consists of a single track, from the ‘user18081971’ SoundCloud profile, heavily and persuasively claimed to be an unreleased archive of material by Aphex Twin/AFX, but not directly authenticated by the artist; the second half of the show are drawings by Robin Waart, each displaying a scan of the spine of a book which emphasizes a publishing logo. Together these pieces create a full loop within the program, which started with a display of artist publications and, most recently, ended on a live performance of unreleased songs. In this pairing, the attempt is to address the medium of the project space itself, the pressure(s) to find circulation and to cultivate a personality concurrent with the programming.

3 July

The designer of the Fashion of Christ, founder of the Zolder Museum, and initiator of the UNIVERS(E)ity, Iva Supic Jankovic, will showcase where all of her current art came from: her songs and drawings.

27 June-1 July

‘He just ate’ is a solo exhibition by Anna Rauhoff. Rauhoff studies the decorative pursuit of utility through trafficking potential energy in passive objects. ‘He just ate’ will feature sculptures that question the conditions that foster agency.

5-19 June

‘Meeting in Progress’ is a solo exhibition by W. Bonnier. Studying the media all in all we are, W. Bonnier brings back together dualities like subject and object, mind and body or content and form, a dual line of thought made perfect by the famous twostep, the binary bit. As a media artist, Bonnier approaches media - ranging from paint, pencil, pixels, to music, video, photography, language and books - as tools connecting us to all our surroundings, our metaphysical ground, what she calls the blue veil.

29 May

‘Labra Dior’ is a one-night group exhibition by graphic design students from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. The event is a result of the Image Workshop given by the artist Iva Supic Jankovic. During the workshop, students were asked to make the following: a monogram, embroidery, self-portrait, birth certificate, and epitaph.

8-22 May

‘Middenweg’ is an exhibition of three works by three artists. The three works, a drawing, a painting, and a sculpture, point to an in-between construction: a sculpture of four baking tins, stopped mid production and without cut edges; a painting on mirror, itself depicting a mirrored image; a drawing of pearls moving in and out of a coil. These pieces choose a midway between abstraction and figuration. The artists in this exhibition are Kinke Kooi, Gizela Mickiewicz, and Just Quist.

04/11 april

Postkamer’s second event is a screening of the film ‘March UTU’ (1986), from the collaborative work of Sluik/Kurpershoek. At 18’46”, this piece tests both the dynamics and subversion of repetition through a succession of images and sounds, ranging from scenes of nature to footage from public settings.

20 march

To open the program of Postkamer, a selection of artists’ publications will be presented for one night. These publications each address different standards of publishing: zine, magazine, monograph, catalogue, artist book, and box set.

The participating artists:

Yael Davids
Hermann Gabler
Paul Heimbach
Iva Supic Jankovic
Hellen van Meene
Ott Metusala

This selection foreshadows the interests and further programming of the space.